More Information about Pixton Christmas Trees

About Nordmann Fir Trees

Nordmann Fir is generally considered to be the original Christmas Tree and is superior, in many ways to cheaper Spruce alternatives.  Much of the superiority is due to the colour and generous shape of the tree, which makes it ideal for even the most flamboyant decoration themes.  Taller Nordmann Firs have a beautiful long leader (tip of the trunk) which makes them perfect for decorating with a star or angel.  Nordmann Firs are often called non needle drop trees as they retain their needles indoors for much longer than other varieties - usually until the end of the festive period. 

Caring for your Christmas Tree

Your tree will survive fine outdoors until you are ready to bring it into your home.  Simply sit it in a pot of water and provide a little shelter from the wind.  Nordmann Firs are hardy and have been slowly growing in the elements for several years.  Once indoors we would always advise a little water and care, just as you would with freshly cut flowers. 

  • Un-net your tree as soon as it arrives. This will help get air all the way around the tree and prevent it from overheating. 
  • Stand it in a bucket of water and keep it outside until you’re ready to bring it indoors. 
  • Just before bringing it indoors, cut a small piece off the end of the trunk to help the tree take up water.  Place it in a good quality water stand if you can, no more than 30 minutes after cutting, or the trunk will seal itself up. 
  • A tree will drink a small amount of water each day. We recommend no more than 2 pints for a 6ft tree. 
  • Position your tree away from direct heat sources such as open fires, heaters and radiators. 
  • Don’t forget to test your lights BEFORE putting them on the tree. 

Delivery across the UK

Our home delivery service applies to most of the UK, with the exception of The Highlands. We are unable to deliver across the sea (i.e. Isle of Wight). 

Visiting Pixton Woodlands

You are very welcome to visit Pixton Woodlands during our opening hours (Weds-Sun, 10am - 4pm from 27th November).  When you visit, please wait to be directed to a suitable parking space. Our staff will be wearing masks and other PPE and we would ask you to kindly respect the latest COVID-19 guidelines on safety and social distancing.  

About Pixton Woodlands

Pixton Woodlands has a long history of producing field grown semi-mature and mature trees. The local Bampton soil provides perfect growing conditions for the 150 species that are available to buy from the nursery and the company prides itself on the knowledge of its staff in directing customers to the right type and size of tree for a range of purposes. 

The Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees that are available this year have all been grown in the same, local soil. Pixton Woodlands is a licensed member of The British Christmas Tree Growers Association.