Meet Our Fabulous Artists!

Meet Our Fabulous Artists!

This is Hayley from Wooden it Be Crate!

Wooden it Be Crate hand crafted eco friendly real Christmas Tree decorations

Hello Lovelies!

My name is Hayley, and I am your friendly carpenter at Wooden it Be Crate. My little business all started when I wanted to 'do up' my garden for my 25th birthday during Lockdown.

I started off from a very wobbly pergola, shed lots of tears along the way (mainly from having the wrong attire and cutting myself!) but now have managed to purchase the correct equipment for the job and absolutely love creating beautiful unique pieces that are all sustainably sourced, ethically made, and are animal and cruelty free. 

My rock, my partner Oliver, has been beside me on this journey and pulled me through all the heartache when something hasn't gone right. We live in Shropshire with our 6 children (2 human and 4 who like to think they're human!).

My children think I am Wonder Woman by being able to fix things and making people smile with my creations - and who am I to tell them any different?! So, here I am, desperately acting like a swan on a lake by looking cool, calm and collected on top of the water, when actually, I am frantically paddling underneath to try stay afloat in the big world that is full of beautiful, small, independent businesses.